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Nancy Fraser

Nancy Fraser
Prof. Nancy Fraser
Areas of Interest: Political Theory Social Theory/Sociological Theory,  Feminist Theory, contemporary French and German thought.

Stay(s) with the Research Group


workshop 'Crisis, Capitalism, Critique' Nov. 23-24, 2012

Research focus, presentations and publications during stay

Nancy Fraser took part in the workshop 'Crisis, Capitalism, Critique' which was held on November 24/25, 2012 in Berlin. There she presented a paper which attempted to use Karl Polanyi's classical analysis of the 'Great Transformation' of capitalist societies to understand and explain the current crisis. Her approach to combine an analysis of contemporary society with the development of normative theory and a perspective of transformation was and is an important reference for the Research Group.

Nancy Fraser was in Jena to work with the Research Group in the Fall semester of 2016. She presented and discussed her work in a number of colloquia and workshops. She discussed papers and texts on democracy, feminism and care, racism and the crisis of capitalism. She also worked on a paper on Karl Marx and Karl Polanyi.

Selected Publications

Transnationalizing the Public Sphere. Cambridge, UK Malden, Massachusetts: Polity Press. (Nancy Fraser; et al 2014, editor Kate Nash)

Fraser, Nancy; Boltanski, Luc; Corcuff, Philippe (2014). Domination et émancipation, pour un renouveau de la critique sociale (in French). Lyon: Presses Universitaires de Lyon.

Fortunes of Feminism: From State-Managed Capitalism to Neoliberal Crisis (Verso, 2013).

"Feminism, Capitalism and the Cunning of History," New Left Review 56 (March-April 2009).

Scales of Justice: Reimagining Political Space in a Globalizing World (2008). Also in Spanish and Chinese translations.

Adding Insult to Injury: Nancy Fraser Debates Her Critics (2008), edited by Kevin Olson. Also in Chinese, Korean and Italian translations.

Redistribution or Recognition? A Political-Philosophical Exchange (2003), co-authored with Axel Honneth. Also published in German, Spanish, Polish, Italian, Chinese, Japanese, Turkish and Czech translations.

Mapping the Radical Imagination: Between Redistribution and Recognition (2003), in Swedish, Czech and Danish translations.

Justice Interruptus: Critical Reflections on the "Postsocialist" Condition (1997). Also published in German, Spanish, Chinese, Italian and Japanese translations.

Feminist Contentions: A Philosophical Exchange (1994), co-authored with Seyla Benhabib, Judith Butler, and Drucilla Cornell. Also published in German and Turkish translations.

Unruly Practices: Power, Discourse and Gender in Contemporary Social Theory (1989). Also published in German translation.

Qu'est-ce que la justice sociale? Reconnaissance et redistribution. Édition établie et introduction par Estelle Ferrarese (Paris: La Découverte, 2005).

Pragmatism, Critique, Judgment: Essays for Richard J. Bernstein, co-edited with Seyla Benhabib (2004).