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Special volume published for the conference: 'Great Transformation? On the Future of Modern Societies'

Just in time for the closing conference of our research group, the special volume of the Berlin Journal for Sociology (BJS) 'Große Transformation? Zur Zukunf moderner Gesellschaften' was published.

Große TransformationIn 31 articles, the volume unfolds a comprehensive panorama of potentially far-reaching changes facing modern societies: ecological dangers, inequalities, financial crises, low economic growth, flight migration and nationalism are some of the great challenges of the present. The volume is devoted to the analysis and interpretation of the problems involved. It presents prospects for the future, but also opportunities and alternatives offered by social transformations.

In addition to texts by the directors Klaus Dörre and Hartmut Rosa and the Special Fellows of the College, Stephan Lessenich, as well as many current and former staff members, the volume also contains several texts by the Fellows of the College, among others by Brigitte Aulenbacher and Margaret Abraham, Ulrich Brand, Eric Pineault, Hans-Jürgen-Urban, Harald Welzer and Markus Wissen.

More information and a complete overview of the content can be found here.

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