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Konferenz: Good Life Beyond Growth

Ort: Fürstengraben 1, Aula des Universitäts-Hauptgebäudes
Zeit: 21.05.2015 10:00 - 23.05.2015 13:00

Aims of the Conference

How do the economic crisis and the vision of a post-growth society change the debate about the good life? Can we identify individual, social, and political conditions for a good life in a society that can no longer guarantee a rising income for everybody? The complex relations between the crisis of the growth paradigm and conceptions of the good life have been addressed by researchers from different disciplines such as sociology, philosophy, economics, psychology and political science.

Under the premise of the recent economic and ecological crisis, the multifaceted debate about how to understand, frame, analyze, and operationalize issues concerning the good life, human flourishing, well-being, and happiness is taking on a momentous relevance. The conference "Good Life Beyond Growth" offers a unique platform for a fruitful interdisciplinary dialogue among different approaches and schools of thought about what a good human life is about, what its subjective and objective conditions are, and how it may be reframed for a post-growth society. You are invited to reconsider the conditions, forms, and perspectives on the 'good life' from the point of view of different disciplines and methodological approaches under conditions of a crisis of growth.

To register, please send an email before April 1st, 2015 to:

The Research Group on Post-Growth Societies and the Max-Weber-Kolleg would like to thank the Ernst-Abbe-Stiftung for their generous support of the conference.

Programme (preliminary):

Thurday, May 21

09:00-09:30  | Arrival and registration

09:30-10:00 | Welcome Adresses

10:00-10:45 | Introductory Lecture - Hartmut Rosa

11:00-12:30 | Theoretical Foundations I

Prosperity and Sustainability - foundations for a post-growth society - Tim Jackson

Respondent: Christoph Henning

12:30-14:00 | lunch

14:00-15:30 | Theoretical Foundations II

Du Bonheur au Buen vivir. Ou les mésaventures de la vie bonne entre modernité et décroissance - Serge Latouche 

Respondent: Stefanie Hürtgen

15:30-16:00 | coffeee break

16:00-17:30 | Sessions I (parallel)
Concepts of the good life - Michael J. Thompson & Dieter Thomä
The Good Life at Work: (Care-) Work and Gender - Frigga Haug & Sarah Schilliger

17:30-18:00 | coffee break

18:00-19:30 | Panel Discussion: Politics of the Good life
Alberto Acosta, Ashish Kothari & Milena Büchs

Friday, May 22

09:00-10:30 | Social Conditions 

A Philosophy of Ecological Economics - Manfred Max-Neef  

Respondent: Helge Peukert

10:30-11:00 | coffee break

11:00-12:30 | Sessions II (parallel)
Human flourishing and (In)Equality - Andrew Sayer & John O'Neill
Human needs fulfilment beyond Growth - Felix Rauschmayer, Monica Guillen-Royo & Ines Omann (with comments by Manfred Max-Neef)

12:30-14:00 | lunch

14:00-15:30 | Working Papers sessions 1 (parallel)
Resonance | Aaron Ben-Ze'ev, Angelika Krebs & Gesine Schepers
How to work less? | Johannes Buhl, Katharina Bohnenberger & Ulrich Schachtschneider
Human needs | Selina Centgraf, Dagmar Comtesse & Svenja Meyerricks
Alternatives in practices | Frank Adloff, Gregor Betz & Caroline Vestena

15:30-16:00 | coffee break

16:00-17:30 | Working Papers sessions 2 (parallel)
Growth in context | Stefan Drews, Eugen Pissarskoi und Tobias Vogel
Critique of economics | Hans Diefenbacher/Dorothee Rodenhäuser, Max Koch/Fritz Martin & Alexandra Rau
Happiness | Bettina Hollstein, Tobias Keiling & Johannes Klement

18:00-19:30 | Panel Discussion: Good Work
Klaus Dörre, Nicole Mayer-Ahuja & Hartmut Rosa

Saturday, May 23

09:00-10:30 | Sessions III (parallel)
Subjective Limits to Growth - Stefanie Graefe & Dennis Eversberg
Good Life and the Welfare State - Claus Offe & Philippe Van Parijs

10:30-11:00 | coffee break

11:00-12:30 | Subjective Dimensions and Experiences 

Is Love still a part of the Good Life? - Eva Illouz  

Respondent: Elisabeth von Thadden