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Stephan Lorenz

Stephan Lorenz
Dr. Stephan Lorenz
 Areas of Interest: environmental and sustainability, abundance, consumption, diet, poverty and exclusion, civic engagement and social movements, social theory, cultural sociology and qualitative methodology
Friedrich-Schiller-Universität Jena

Stay(s) with the Research Group

2/2014, 3/2016, 10-11/2016

Since 2016 Permanent Fellow of the Research Group.

Research focus, presentations and publications during stay

Stephan Lorenz worked as Fellow especially on environmental and sustainability issues. In particular, he presented his book "More or less? On the Sociology of Ecological Growth Criticism and Sustainable Development", he wrote the essay "Degrowth and Post-growth - reflections on conceptual diversity and sustainability references"; He also published a working paper (5/2015) entitled "Environmental Impact of Growth Criticism and Growth-Critical Environmental Ecology". On 13.11.2014, he discussed the sociology of the "Bienensterben" with his lecture "Socioecological Dynamics and Consequences of the Bee Plague". Together with Stephan Lessenich, Barbara Muraca and Viviana Asara, he organized Research Stream RS02 "Capitalist crises, critique of growth and the perspectives for a post-growth society" at the 11th Conference of the European Sociological Association (ESA) in August 2013. Since the beginning, he has been working in the "Internal Topic Group" of the College. He was thus involved in the orientation of the two workshops "Growth Strengths in Capitalism" (30/31 May 2013) and "Designs of the Post-Growth Society" (1/2.10.2014). He also published the volume "Growth - Crisis and Criticism", in which he is also an author.

Selected Publications


AK Postwachstum (Hg.) 2016: Wachstum - Krise und Kritik. Die Grenzen der kapitalistisch-industriellen Lebensweise. Frankfurt a.M./ New York: Campus

Lorenz, Stephan/ Stark, Kerstin (Hg.) 2015: Menschen und Bienen. Ein nachhaltiges Miteinander in Gefahr. München: Oekom

Lorenz, Stephan 2014: Mehr oder weniger? Zur Soziologie ökologischer Wachstumskritik und nachhaltiger Entwicklung. Bielefeld: Transcript

Lorenz, Stephan 2012: Tafeln im flexiblen Überfluss. Ambivalenzen sozialen und ökologischen Engagements. Bielefeld: Transcript 


Stephan Lorenz 2018: Befreiung vom destruktiven Wachstum. In: Agora 42. Das philosophische Wirtschaftsmagazin. 3/2018: 14-18.

Ecological criticism of growth and the means and ends of technology: A pragmatist perspective on societal dynamics. In: Journal of Cleaner Production 166C: 98-10.

Lorenz, Stephan 2016: Degrowth und Postwachstum - Reflexionen zu Konzeptvielfalt und Nachhaltigkeitsbezügen. In: Technikfolgenabschätzung -Theorie und Praxis 25(2): 4-11.

Lorenz, Stephan 2016: The endangerment of bees and new developments in beekeeping: A social science perspective using the example of Germany. In: International Journal of Environmental Studies 73, DOI 10.1080/00207233.2016.1220703. 

Lorenz, Stephan/ Stark, Kerstin 2015: Saving the honeybees in Berlin? A case study of the urban beekeeping boom. In: Environmental Sociology 1, DOI: 10.1080/23251042.2015.1008383

Lorenz, Stephan 2015: Having no choice: Social exclusion in the affluent society. In: Journal of Exclusion Studies 5(1): 1-17. DOI:10.5958/2231-4555.2015.00001.7

Lorenz, Stephan 2013: Soziologie im Klimawandel. Verhandlungen und Verfahrenswissenschaft gesellschaftlicher Selbstgefährdung. In: Soziologie 42 (1): 42-61

Lorenz, Stephan 2012: Socio-ecological ambivalences of charitable food assistance in the affluent society - the German 'Tafel'. In: International Journal of Sociology and Social Policy 32 (7/8): 386-400,