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Conferences and Papers (selection)


Does democracy need economic growth to its stabilization? Challenges and visions for a democratic transition to a post-growth-society. Conference of the European Society of Ecological Economics (ESEE), Lille, France.

Rural Development and Ecological Civilization: bringing the Land back into the picture - Keynote Speech st the 7th International Forum on "Ecological Civilization" - "Rural Development", Claremont, California.

From Sustainability to Degrowth: visions, challenges, practices. Conference at the Center for Process Studies - Claremont Graduate University.

Whitehead's Philosophy as a Foundation for Ecological Economics? - Workshop: Kritische Soziologie meets Critical Realism. A Dialogue between Social Research, Social Theory and Philosophy of Science, University of Jena.

Postgrowth between destiny and utopia - Conference series ,Mut zur Nachhaltigkeit' organized by the Austrian Ministry for the Environment, the University for soil culture, the Ministry of Life, and Radio Österreich1, Vienna.

Process Thought and its relevance for Environmental Ethics - Hohenheimer Theologinnentreffen 2013, Stuttgart.

What would you pay for a walk in the woods? Economic valuation of nature: (no) chance for nature conservation? - Conference series organized by the NABU (Nature Conservation Alliance), University of Jena.


Postwachstumsgesellschaft: konvivial, autonom, demokratisch? Wege und Irrwege einer ,konkreten Utopie'. University of Lüneburg.

Preconditions for a post-growth-society. Lecture series "Wohlstand ohne Wachstum?" organized by the DGB & the TU Berlin - Berlin.

Degrowth and Democracy: a wicked marriage. Venice: III International Degrowth Conference on Ecological Sustainability and Social Equity.

Payments for Ecosystem services (PES): Axiological and justice issues.
Basel: International Sustainability Conference.

Auf dem Weg zu einer konvivialen, autonomen und demokratischen Postwachstumsgesellschaft: Degrowth- Bewegungen im Südeuropa. Jena: Workshop by the Rosa Luxemburg Foundation Legitimation basis and the Social Imaginary of a post-growth-society. Prague: Critical Theory Colloquium (part of a joint paper with Prof. Dr. Hartmut Rosa and Dimitri Mader on the Jena project).

Claims for a good human life beyond growth - imagining a post-growth-society along new patterns of recognition. ICTA - Universitad Autonoma de Barcelona.


Saving the world for the sake of the human: reconsidering anthropocentric arguments in environmental philosophy Yearly Joint Conference of the 'International Association for Environmental Philosophy' (IAEP) and the International Society of Environmental Ethics (ISEE), Nijmegen, NL.

Sustainability without Growth? Conference of the International Academy for Nature Conservation "Degrowth als Chance: auch für Landschaft und Natur?" - Island of Vilm.

Whitehead's Philosophy of Nature; Paper given at the meeting of the Working Group ,Philosophy of Nature and Anthropology' at the FEST (Forschungsstätte der Evangelischen Studiengemeinschaft), Heidelberg.

,operating non-being': zwecktätige Selbstgestaltung als empirisch unzugängliche ontologische Voraussetzung für das Deuten von Leben; yearly meeting of the German Whitehead Society, Frankfurt.

Economy serving the good life: From Georgescu-Roegen to Degrowth. Talk series on ,Post-growth', University of Heidelberg.


Die perfekte Welt zwischen Utopie und Apokalypse, oder: Braucht der Feminismus (noch) Utopien?; University of Greifswald; Lecture within the lecture series: ,Superman, Superwoman; Visionen vom optimierten Leben'.

Growth, De-growth and Justice; Montreal: Yearly Conference of the 'International Association for Environmental Philosophy' (IAEP).

Sustainability Science - The Greifswalder Theory of Strong Sustainability and its relevance for policy advice in Germany and the EU (with Dr. Ralf Döring, VTI, Hamburg); Oldenburg/Bremen: Yearly Conference of ISEE (International Society of Ecological Economics).

Natur als Grundbedingung für ,gutes Leben' - Degrowth-Ökonomie und der Wert von Natur; Summer School on Nature Conservation, Island of Vilm.

Degrowth and Justice: a scrutiny of ethical and anthropological assumptions in degrowth theories and practices; Autonomous University of Barcelona, ,2nd Conference on Economic Degrowth for Ecological Sustainability and Social Equity'.

Whitehead's process philosophy as a paradigm for ecological economics? From Goergescu-Roegen to Whitehead and back; Universitad Autònoma de Barcelona, ICTA (Institut de Ciència i Tecnologia Ambientals).


The question of teleology in the life sciences: limit concept or necessary ontological presupposition?; Arlington: Yearly Conference of the Society of Phenomenology and Existential Philosophy (SPEP).

Towards a Theory of 'Strong Sustainability' - philosophical adventures in a transdisciplinary field;
Arlington: Yearly Conference of the 'International Association for Environmental Philosophy' (IAEP).

The Challenge of Relational Values in Environmental Ethics: Embedding the demarcation problem into a more comprehensive 'map of moral significance' ; Allenspark, Colorado: Joint Conference 'International Association for Environmental Philosophy' (IAEP) and ISEE (International Society of Environmental Ethics).


Sustainability without Growth. The Path of Décroissance in French and Italian Economic Theories; Berlin, Yearly Conference of GEIG (Global Ecological Integrity Group).


More Than Mere Means: On Instrumental Values and Their Neglect in the Current Environmental Ethics Debate. Chicago: Yearly Conference of the 'International Association for Environmental Philosophy' (IAEP).


Critique of Pure Externalization (with Dr. David Wood - Vanderbilt University); Philadelphia: Yearly Conference of the 'International Association for Environmental Philosophy' (IAEP).

Let means be causes: About instrumental values within a process framework; Salzburg: VI international Whitehead Conference "The Importance of Process - System and Adventure".


Healing bifurcations throughout the modern ontology of nature; University of Drew, Madison NJ: Transdisciplinary Theological Colloquium: "EcoSophia: Religion, Democracy, and Earth".

Wie kann sich etwas, was noch nicht ist, sich aus seiner Zukunft heraus frei gestalten? Identitätsbildung zwischen Kausal- und Finalursache ausgehend von Whiteheads Kreativitätsbegriff; Berlin: Congress of the German Philosophic Society (Deutschen Gesellschaft für Philosophie).


The Contribution of Process Thought in the Sustainability Debate; Center for Process Studies, Claremont, California.


Sustainable Development Indicators as a Participatory Instrument in Local Agenda 21-Processes. Conclusive international Workshop of the ELLA Project (see CV ); Modena, Italy.