Conference Papers
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Conference Papers

(Wie) kann man den Feldbegriff für die Analyse von Arbeitsmarktpolitiken gebrauchen?, vorgestellt auf der Konferenz "Feldanalyse als Forschungsprogramm", Potsdam, Mai 2011

'Activation' and personnel development. Labour market-related functions of temporary agency work before and after the crisis, paper presented at the 29th International Labour Process Conference, Leeds, April 2011.

Realities of Activation, or: Can subjectivity really be treated like a forest?, paper presented at the Conference "The Revival of Political Economy", Coimbra, October 2010.

Can the Labour Market be conceived of in terms of field theory - and if so, to what avail?, paper presented at the conference "Beyond Bourdieu", Copenhagen, December 2009.

Employable subjects, economic habitus and negative individualism. A study on the subjective impact of activating labour market policy, using the example of disadvantaged young people in a pilot scheme, paper presented at the IAB Graduate Workshop "Perspectives on (un-)employment" in Nuremberg, September 2009.

Privatisierung von Aufgaben der Arbeitsverwaltung im Bereich des SGB II. 'Beauftragung Dritter' und 'Sonstige weitere Leistungen' in der Praxis der ARGEn als Teil des neuen Arbeitsmarktregimes, vorgestellt auf der Konferenz "Momentum 08: Gerechtigkeit", Hallstatt/Oberösterreich, September 2008.