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The Research Group on Post-Growth Societies

The Research Group Postwachstumsgesellschaften consists of the three project leaders and their researchers. They organize the discussion and research process.

The management, administration and student/academic assistants support them in their work.


Klaus Dörre
Areas of interest: Theory of capitalism, financial capitalism, flexible and precarious employment, participation in companies, work relations and strategic unionism, Green New Deal, authoritarianism among teenagers.
Stephan Lessenich
Areas of interest: Comparative macrosociology of modern societies, social change and sociological diagnosis of our time, political sociology, theory of the welfare state, comparative research on welfare states, sociology of age (aging).
Hartmut Rosa

Areas of interest: Diagnosis of our time and analysis of the modern age, normative and empirical foundations of social criticism, theories of the subject and identity, sociology of time and theory of acceleration, and sociology of global relationships.


Rebecca Sequeira
Rebecca Sequeira
Organisational management
Tel.: +49 (0)3641 9-45520

Graduate Research Assistants

Marlen van den Ecker
Marlen van den Ecker
Homepage Administration, Editing, and Public Relations

Associated Members

Sophie Bose_1
Areas of Interest: Sociology of work, right-wing populism, right-wing orientations

Dennis Eversberg
Areas of Interest:  Analyses of power and subjectivity, sociology of work and labour markets, political sociology, trade union research, studies of capitalism.
Michael Hofmann
Prof. Dr. Michael Hofmann
Scientific Director

Areas of Interest: Theoretical and empirical milieu research, processes of transformation, men's studies.
Tine Haubner
Areas of Interest: Class theory(ies), theories of exploitation, (pragmatic) sociology of critique, critique of Political Economy, critical sociology of work.

Hanna Ketterer new
Areas of Interest: research on basic income, volunteering research, social theory, sociology of work.
Steffen Liebig
Areas of Interest: Sociology of Work, Economic Sociology, Trade Union Research,
Conflict Sociology, Theories of Capitalism.
Dimitri Mader
Areas of Interest: The Structure and Agency debate, conditions of normative social critique, sociology of domination, domination and autonomy in working conditions, theoretical and practical possibilities for self-determination and human wellbeing.
Barbara Muraca

Areas of Interest: Social Philosophy, Ethics, Environmental Philosophy, Feminist Philosophy, Process Philosophy, Degrowth

Hanno Pahl

Areas of Interest: Sociological theory, sociology of science in the field of economic sciences, post-structuralist economic criticism, cultural theory of capitalism.

Johanna Sittel
Areas of Interest: Sociology of work, international precariousness and informality research, economic sociology, political economy
Jan Sparsam
Areas of Interest: Economic sociology, sociological theory and its history, theories of capitalism, critical theory, theory of science.
Stephan Lorenz
Areas of Interest:  Environmental economics and sustainability, abundance, consumption, diet poverty, exclusion, civic engagement and social movements, social theory, cultural sociology and qualitative methodology

Özge Yaka
Areas of Interest: Critical social Theory, feminist phenomenology, theories of justice, protest and subjectivity, environmental movements, political ecology of water commons.