The Research Group
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The Research Group

Welcome to the pages of the DFG Research Group  Landnahme, Acceleration, Activation. Dynamics and (De)stabilisation of modern growth societies.

Our research programme addresses the sociological diagnosis of a series of social changes and crisis phenomena which, in their entirety, question the growth-based regime of modern societies. Modern capitalist imperatives of structural dynamisation are called into question: The logics of incessant Landnahme, acceleration, and activation constitute a long-term threat to economic, ecological and social reproduction that is historically unprecedented.

Our object of study - the modern growth society - is in flux. Our aim is to develop scientific methods and practise a critical dialogue that will allow us to go beyond the usual approaches that are limited to individual researchers or to closely bounded projects. Together with fellows from Germany and abroad we aim to develop a deeper understanding of current transformation processes and to make use of their sociological expertise to answer the social question that will influence public opinion in European countries and elsewhere in the years to come: Is there a way to stabilize modern societies other than by means of economic growth?

On our website you will find information on the Research Group's directors, researchers and Senior and Junior Fellows as well as on our past and current work and upcoming events. Please contact us if you are interested in our work.