Internal Working Group 'Growth and the Critique of Capitalism'
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Internal Working Group 'Growth and the Critique of Capitalism'

The internal working group consists of academic staff from the Institute of Sociology at the Friedrich-Schiller-University Jena whose work overlaps with the Research Group's primary research questions. The members of the working group develop and propose core research areas and submit ideas for workshops and conferences, for example workshops on the analysis of current growth regimes and concepts of post-growth societies. They take part in national and international sociological conferences and publish the results of their work in academic journals and books.

In May 2013 the working group organized the workshop 'Wachstumszwänge im Kapitalismus' with researchers from Germany, Austria and Australia. A report about the workshop can be found here (in German). Another workshop on concepts of a post-growth society took place in October 2014.

If you want to get in touch with the working group, please send an email to: Jörg Oberthür ( or Stefan Schmalz (