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Robert Castel (†)

Robert Castel
Prof. Robert Castel (†)
Areas of Interest: Precarisation, change of wage labor.


Stay(s) with the Research Group

18.03. - 25.03. 2012

Research focus, presentations, publications during stay

Seven years after the publication of 'From Manual Workers to Wage Laborers: Transformation of the Social Question' the focus of his stay in Jena and of his participation in the workshop on precarisation was an assessment of the situation in the context of the crisis of financial capitalism's 'Landnahme'. In his latest publications, "L'Insécurité sociale : qu'est-ce qu'être protégé?" (2003), "La discrimination négative" (2007) and "La montée des incertitudes : Travail, protections, statut de l'individu" (2009) Castel writes about the effects of deregulated and subjectivized employment and the changes of the 'new welfare state' as well as about new phenomena of exclusion in the banlieues of Paris and thus makes a contribution to theories of social inequality. Central points of his work are the loss of labor as core element of the fordistic class compromise in a society of individuals and the resulting precarisation and mass unemployment.

Selected Publications

Castel, Robert (2000): Die Methamorphose der sozialen Frage. Eine Chronik der Lohnarbeit. Konstanz.

Castel, Robert (2005): Die Stärkung des Sozialen. Leben im neuen Wohlfahrtsstaat. Hamburg.

Castel, Robert (2011): Die Krise der Arbeit. Neue Unsicherheiten und die Zukunft des Individuums. Hamburg.