Michael Th. Greven (†)
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Michael Th. Greven (†)

Michael Th. Greven (†)
Prof. Michael Th. Greven
Areas of Interest: Research on political systems and government, Political Theory, History iof Ideas.


Stay(s) with the Research Group

06.02. - 10.02. 2012

14. - 15.06.2012 particapant at the conference "Von Krise zu Krise? Transformation ohne Ende"

Research focus, presentations and publications during stay

Michael Th. Greven's work focused on the political culture in (western) Germany and he made important contributions to political theory. While in Jena, he discussed the hypotheses of his latest book 'Systemopposition. Kontingenz, Ideologie und Utopie im politischen Denken der 1960er Jahre (2011). Especially his critical thoughts on the conditions and possibilities of oppositional thinking and acting served as impulses to discuss democratic capacities to act and transformation perspectives in a capitalist growth society.

Michael Greven died unexpectedly on July 7, 2012. An obituary can be read here.

Selected Publications

Greven, Michael Th. (2011): Systemopposition. Kontingenz, Ideologie und Utopie im politischen Denken der 1960er Jahre. Budrich, Opladen/ Berlin/ Farmington Hills

Greven, Michael Th. (2011): Ist Systemopposition heute noch möglich? In: Zeitschrift für Politische Theorie, 2. Jg. 1/2011, 85 - 96.

Greven, Michael Th. (1974): Systemtheorie und Gesellschaftsanalyse. Kritik der Werte und Erkenntnismöglichkeiten in Gesellschaftsmodellen der kybernetischen Systemtheorie, Darmstadt und Neuwied.