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Heiner Ganßmann

Heiner Ganßmann
Prof. Heiner Ganßmann
Areas of Interest: Social Structure and the theoretical foundations of sociology; Sociological Theory of Money; Theory of the Welfare State.

stay(s) with the Research Group

13.06. - 28.06. 2012, including conference 'Von Krise zu Krise'

Research focus, presentations and publications during stay

Heiner Ganßmann's research interests include the sociological theory of money as well as theories of the welfare state. During his stay with the Research Group he his current work on these issues. In a workshop with the researchers he discussed a text on the role of mainstream economics in the current crisis. He also presented a paper on privatized pensions and the economic and financial crises. In addition, he participated in the conference 'Von Krise zu Krise' and took part in the panel on the crisis of the welfare state.

His Working Paper 'Privatized Pensions and Economic Crises. The German Case' was published as part of the Working Paper Series.


Selected Publications

Ganßmann, Heiner (2012): Doing Money. Elementary monetary theory from a sociological perspective. Routledge.

Ganßmann, Heiner (2012): Geldillusion und Krise. In: Kraemer, K./ Nessel, S. (Hg.): Entfesselte Finanzmärkte. Soziologische Analysen des modernen Kapitalismus, S. 83-102).

Ganßmann, Heiner (2012): Geld und die Rationalität wirtschaftlichen Handelns. In: Engels, A./ Knoll, L. (Hg.): Wirtschaftliche Rationalität. Soziologische Perspektiven, S. 221-239.