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He Gaochao

He Gaochao
Prof. He Gaochao
Areas of Interest: industrial relations, migrant workers and labor conflicts in the Pearl River Delta, ethnic-national identity in Tibet.

Stay(s) with the Research Group 

01.10. 2012 - 31.10. 2012
01.04. 2015 - 31.08. 2015 (Joint Fellow with the Max-Weber-Kolleg/Erfurt University)

Research focus, presentations and publications during stay

He Gaochao took part in a workshop on 'Asian Capitalism' hosted by the Research Group in early October. There he presented and discussed his research on migrant workers and labor conflicts in China's Pearl River Delta. He elaborated further on his research in a talk given as part of the colloquium series.

Selected Publications

"Separated but Loyal: Ethnicity and Nationalism in China", Policy Studies, No.50, East-West Center, 2010 (co-author)

"Scientific Spirit of Comparative Politics", Open Times, No.4, 2010

"Study on the Reform of Land Expropriation System within 3-level Game Relationships--Based on Analysis of Land Expropriation Procedure of One University Town", Chinese Land Science, Vol. 20, Issue 3, 2006 (co-author)

"Politics and Economic Growth: New Frontier in Comparative Politics", Guanli Shijie (Journal of Management International), Beijing, 2005

Peasant, Landlord, and the CCP: A Game Theory Analysis, Hong Kong: Oxford University Press, 1997