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Göran Therborn

Göran Therborn
Prof. Göran Therborn
Areas of Interest: patterns and mechanisms of inequality, comparative social policy, comparative employment policy.

Stay(s) with the Research Group

09.01. - 16.01. 2012

Research focus, presentations and publications during stay

Göran Therborn, especially well-known in the 1970s and 80s for his work on theories of ideology, power and class, has since been working on issues of global injustice and social conflict.

Furing his stay in Jena he discussed these two topics: In his talk on 'Global Social Conflict. 2011 and its aftermaths' as part of the colloquium series he analyzed developments and different forms of social conflicts and predicts a return of social classes and class struggles. In a workshop entitled 'Global Social Inequality' his text 'Globalisierung und Ungleichheit. Mögliche Erklärungen und Fragen der Konzeptualisierung' was used as basis for a discussion on the structure of and causes for the increasing injusticed all over the world.

Selected Publications

Therborn, Göran (2012): 'Different Inequalities: Their Global Trajectories and Their Prospects'. In J.F. Tezanos (ed.): Nuevas Tendencias sociales. Madrid, im Erscheinen.

Therborn, Göran/Hort, S. (2012): 'Citizenship and Welfare: Politics and Social Policies'. In K. Nash et al. (eds.): The New Blackwell Companion to Political Sociology. Oxford.

Therborn, Göran (2011): The World. A Beginner's Guide. Cambridge