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Emma Dowling

 Dr. Emma Dowling
Areas of Interest: Political economy, social movements, social change, gender, social reproduction, affective labor, civil society organizations, welfare state (s), financialization

Middlesex University London

Stay(s) with the Research Group

October 2016 - March 2017

Research focus, presentations and publications during stay

Emma Dowling works on the financialization of the welfare state and the externalization of the social costs of reproductive work, by comparing different national contexts. During her stay, she is concerned with questions about alternatives in the field of social and ecological reproduction, which are not dependent on market and growth. She also works on the completion of a monograph.

Selected Publications
Dowling, E. (2017): 'Incorporate or Mobilise? Making Sense of the Social Turn of Finance and the Rise of Impact Investing', Rosa Luxemburg Foundation,

Dowling, E.: (2016): 'Valorised but not Valued? Affective Remuneration, Social Reproduction and Feminist Politics Beyond the Crisis', British Politics 11: 452. doi:10.1057/s41293-016-0036-2.

Dowling, E. (2016): 'Loves's Labour's Cost: The Political Economy of Intimacy', Verso Blog,

Dowling, E. (2016): 'Die soziale Wende des Kapitals?' Luxemburg Online,

Dowling, E. (2015): 'What a Way to Make a Living', New Humanist,

Dowling, E. (2016): "In the Wake of Austerity: Social Impact Bond and the Financialisation of theWelfare State in Britain", New Political Economy, doi: 10.1080/1363467 .2017 .1232709.

Dowling, E. (2014): 'Crisis & Crossroads of Independent Culture: (Co-) Research in the Engine Room.' Engine Room Europe, REX Cultural Laboratory, Belgrade, Serbia.

Dowling E. and D. Harvie (2014): 'Harnessing the Social: State, Crisis and (Big) Society', Sociology 48(5): 869-886.

Dowling, E. (2013): 'Vom sozialen Wert. Austeritätspolitik, Big Society und die Krise in Großbritannien' ['Of Social Value - The Politics of Austerity, Big Society and the Crisis in the UK'], LuXemburg 1/13: 118-121.

Brown, G., Dowling, E., D. Harvie and K. Milburn (2012): 'Careless Talk - Social Reproduction and the Fault-lines of Crisis in the UK'. Social Justice 29(1): 78-98

Dowling, E., A. Feigenbaum, S. Pell and K. Stanley (2012): 'Occupy London', South Atlantic Quarterly 111(3): 608 - 615.

Dowling, E. (2012): 'The Waitress: On Affect, Method and (Re) Presentation', Cultural Studies ↔ Critical Methodologies 12(2): 109-117.

Dowling, E. (ed.) (2012): 'Mobilisations, Interventions and Cultural Policy', Lateral Issue 1: Spring 2012.

Dowling, E. (2012): 'Die Kellnerin', Netzwerk Körper in den Kulturwissenschaften (Hrsg.), What Can A Body Do? Praktiken und Figurationen des Körpers in den Kulturwissenschaften, Frankfurt am Main: Campus.