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Eli Zaretsky

Eli Zaretzky
Prof. Eli Zaretsky
Areas of Interest: cultural history of the twentieth century, the theory and history of capitalism (especially its social and cultural dimensions), and the history of the family

Stay(s) with the Research Group


Research focus, presentations and publications during stay

During his stay in Jena, Eli Zaretsky worked on a paper on 'The Imperative of Growth'. In addition, in a number of colloquiua he discussed his texts on the American Left, the US presidential election and his current book 'Political Freud'.

Selected Publications


Political Freud: A History. Columbia University Press, 2015.

Why America Needs a Left: An Historical Argument. Cambridge; Polity Press, 2012.


"What is Political History," Reviews in American History, Autumn, 2013

Rethinking the American Left," Socialist Register, 2012 (German Translation: Merkur 2013)

"Psychoanalysis, Authoritarianism and the 1960s," in Joy Damousi and Mariano Ben Plotkin, Psychoanalysis and Politics: Histories of Psychoanalysis under Conditions of Restricted Political Freedom, New York: Oxford University Press, 2012.

"Psychoanalysis, Vulnerability and War," in Adrienne Harris, ed., First Do No Harm,  New York: Routledge, 2010

"Narcissism, Personal Life and Identity: The Place of the 1960s in the History of Psychoanalysis," Psychoanalysis, Culture and Society, 13, (94-104) 2008