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Christoph Deutschmann

Christoph Deutschmann
Prof. Christoph Deutschmann
Areas of interest: Industrial relations, organizational sociology/sociology of management, Economic Sociology.

Stay(s) with the Research Group

18.10. - 28.10. 2011

17.02. 2012, participated in the workshop 'Kapitalismustheorien, Wachstum und Arbeit'

Research focus, presentations and publications during stay

Christoph Deutschmann's research concentrates on the role of money in society, its religious reference as well as (growth) dynamics in capitalist economy. His analysis of capitalist principles of dynamization is integral for the theories of activation, acceleration and 'Landnahme'.  In Jena, he participated in three workshops: the first one focused on the theory of 'Landnahme', the second, which was held together with Hartmut Rosa, dealt with questions of capitalism and religion and the third one discussed 'Capitalist Dynamics'.

In addition, Christoph Deutschmann held a lecture as part of the Research Group's colloquium series entitled: 'Limits to Financialisation. Sociological Analyses of the Financial Crisis'.

In February 2012 he participated in a workshop on theories of capitalism, growth and labor where drafts of the book 'Kapitalismustheorie und Arbeit' (Dörre et al. (2013)) were discussed.

Deutschmann contributed two Working Papers:

Working Paper 1-12: Capitalist Dynamics - A Sociological Analysis
Working Paper 2-12: Capitalism, Religion and the Idea of the Demonic

Selected Publications

Deutschmann, Christoph (2011): A pragmatist theory of capitalism. In: Socio-Economic Review 9/1 2011, 83-106.

Deutschmann, Christoph (2011): Limits to Financialization. Sociological Analyses of the Financial Crisis. In: Archives Européennes de Sociologie LII, 3 (2011), 347-389.

Deutschmann, Christoph (2008): Kapitalistische Dynamik. Eine gesellschaftstheoretische Perspektive. Wiesbaden.