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Christine Bauhardt

Christine Bauhardt
Prof. Dr. Christine Bauhardt
Feminist critique of economy, societal relationships to nature, Post-growth and gender, Queer ecologies, global environmental policy

Stay(s) with the Research Group

October 2018 - March 2019

Research focus, presentations and publications during stay

Post-growth societies rely on both social norms and values as well as governmental control and planning. So far, infrastructures have been growth-promoting inputs for the economy. My project investigates the role of the state in the infrastructure policy of post-growth concepts, focusing equally on technical and social infrastructures.

Selected Publications

Nature, Care and Gender. Feminist Dilemmas. In: Bauhardt, Christine and
Harcourt, Wendy (eds.): Feminist Political Ecology and the Economics of
Care. In Search of Economic Alternatives. London/New York: Routledge (in
press, 2018)

Economics. In: Gender:  Matter. Edited  by Stacy Alaimo. Macmillan
Interdisciplinary Handbooks. Farmington Hills, MI: Macmillan Reference
USA, 2017, pp 223 - 236.

Solutions to the Crisis? The Green New Deal, Degrowth, and the
Solidarity Economy: Alternatives to the capitalist growth economy from
an ecofeminist economics perspective. In: Ecological Economics 102
(2014),  pp. 60-68.

Rethinking gender and nature from a material(ist) perspective. Feminist
economics, queer ecologies, and resource politics. In: European Journal
of Women's Studies 20 (4), pp. 361-375.