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Bob Jessop

Bob Jessop 2
Prof. Bob Jessop
Areas of interest: political economy, the capitalist state, transformation processes 

Lancaster University

Stay(s) with the Research Group

October 2017-December 2017

Research Focus

During his stay in Jena, Bob Jessop will focus on a joint book projext with Brigitte Aulenbacher and Klaus Dörre. In addition, he will be workung about 'Democracy', the main theme of the Kolleg and will present texts for discussion.

Selected Publications 

Varieties of academic capitalism and entrepreneurial universities: on past research and three thought experiments
Jessop, R.D. 06/2017 In: Higher Education. 73, 6, p. 853-870. 18 p.
Journal article

Putting the "Amsterdam School" in its rightful place: a reply to Juan Ignacio Staricco's critique of cultural political economy
Jessop, R.D., Sum, N. 04/2017 In: New Political Economy. 22, 3, p. 342-354. 13 p.
Journal article

Nicos Poulantzas on political economy, political ecology, and democratic socialism
Jessop, R.D. 14/02/2017 In: Journal of Political Ecology.
24, p. 186-199. 14 p.
Journal article

Die organische Krise des britischen Staates: Was der Brexit bedeutet
Jessop, R.D. 20/01/2017
Other contribution

Major Works

Social Order, Reform, and Revolution, London: Macmillan 1972

Traditionalism, Conservatism, and British Political Culture, London: Allen and Unwin 1974

The Capitalist State: Marxist Theories and Methods, Oxford: Blackwell 1982

Nicos Poulantzas: Marxist Theory and Political Strategy, London: Macmillan 1985

Thatcherism: a Tale of Two Nations, Cambridge: Polity (co-authors -- Kevin Bonnett, Simon Bromley, & Tom Ling) 1988

State Theory: Putting the Capitalist State in Its Place, Cambridge: Polity 1990

Strategic Choice and Path-Dependency in Post-Socialism: Institutional Dynamics in the Transformation Process, Aldershot: Edward Elgar (co-edited with J. Hausner and K. Nielsen), 1995

Die Zukunft des Staates: Denationalisierung, Internationalisierung, und Renationalisierung, (The Future of the State: Denationalization, Internationalization, and Renationalization) Muenster: Westfaelisches Dampfboot 2001 (co-authors - Alex Demirovic & Joachim Hirsch).

The Future of the Capitalist State, Cambridge: Polity 2002

Beyond the Regulation Approach Putting Capitalist Economies in their Place (co-authored with Ngai-Ling Sum) Cheltenham: Edward Elgar 2006. Winner of the Gunnar Myrdal Prize awarded given by the European Association for Evolutionary Political Economy for the best book published in 2006 broadly in line with its aims and objectives.

State Power: A Strategic-Relational Approach, Cambridge: Polity 2007

Towards Cultural Political Economy: Putting Culture in its Place in Political Economy (with Ngai-Ling Sum as first-named author) Cheltenham: Edward Elgar 2013.