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Birgit Mahnkopf

Birgit Mahnkopf
Prof. Birgit Mahnkopf
Areas of Interest: economic, social and political dimensions of globalisation; political economy of European integration; sociology of work and industrial relations


Stay(s) with the Research Group

26./27.01. 2012 opening event of the Research Group

14./15.06. 2012 conference "Von Krise zu Krise"

09.10. 2012 - 31.03. 2013

Research focus, presentations and publications during stay

During her stay in Jena, Birgit Mahnkopf investigated the question of how the socio-ecological crisis affects the dynamism of capitalism. She presented her confrontation with the questionnaire in a workshop talk as well as in a working paper entitled 'Peak Everything - Peak Capitalism'. In addition, she discussed Klaus Reiner's take-up concept in a further workshop talk with the members of the collegiate

Selected Publications

Wachstumskritik als Kapitalismuskritik, in: Dörre, Klaus/ Sauer, Dieter/ Wittke, Volker (Hg.) (2012): Kapitalismustheorien und Arbeit. Neue Ansätze soziologischer Kritik, Frankfurt/Main: Campus Verlag: 389-409

The euro crisis: german politics of blame and austerity - a neoliberal nightmare, in: International Critical Thought, Vol.2, Issue 4, 2012, p. 472-485

Über die liberale Demokratie hinaus. Perspektiven partizipativer Demokratie unter den Restriktionen der Umweltkrise, in: Friedrich -Ebert-Stiftung Landesbüro Niedersachsen (Hg.) (2011): Zukunft der Demokratie - Demokratie der Zukunft, S. 126-134;

Die "Satansmühle" der kapitalistischen Ökonomie. Der kapitalistische Realismus in der Krise, in: S. Neckel (Hg.) (2010): Kapitalistischer Realismus. Von der Kunstaktion zur Gesellschaftskritik, Frankfurt/M./ New York (Campus): 93-116.

Still a Future for the European Social Model? in: Global Labour Journal, Vol. 1: Iss 3,: 314-330 (together with Ch. Hermann).