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Tobias Schulze-Cleven

Tobias Schulze_Cleven
Prof. Tobias Schulze-Cleven
Areas of interest: comparative employment relations across the wealthy democracies with an emphasis on Europe, challenges to and strategies for collective action in contemporary capitalism and labor market policymaking and the ongoing transformation of higher education in the wealthy democracies.
Rutgers, the State University of New Jersey

Stay(s) with the Research Group

Summer 2016

Research focus, presentations and publications during stay

 His stay at the Kolleg is dedicated to transatlantic collaboration, including work with Tilman Reitz and Stefan Schmalz on two special journal issues. 

Selected Publications
"Conceptualizing Cooperation: Coordination and Concertation as Two Logics of Collective Action," with Darius Ornston. Comparative Political Studies 48(5), 2015, pp. 555-585 (lead article)

-       "Playing Normative Legacies: Partisanship and Employment Policies in Crisis-Ridden Europe," with J. Timo Weishaupt. Politics & Society 43(2), 2015, pp. 269-299

-       "Labor Market Policy: Toward A 'Flexicurity' Model in the US?" In Lessons from Europe? What Americans Can Learn from European Public Policies. R. Daniel Kelemen, ed. (Washington, DC: CQ Press, 2014, pp. 77-96)