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Daniel Bendix

Daniel Bendix
Dr. Daniel Bendix
Areas of interest: Development policy, colonialism, population and reproductive health policies, development policy education and postcolonial studies
University Kassel

Stay(s) with the Research Group:

Summer 2017

Research focus, presentations and publications during stay

During his research stay, Daniel Bendix will devote himself to the debate on the relationship between "development" and colonialism, which has been particularly developed in the Anglo-American and Latin context. While the work on post-growth mostly focuses on "the global" as a starting point, it still lacks a perspective that takes the connection between colonial epistemology in the north and economic global inequalities seriously. The aim of the project is to evaluate whether a postcolonial critique, the historical and ongoing global connexion of the North with the South, can take into account the contours of post-growth societies in the north. Empirically, both the production of theory of post-growth and the perspectives of actors in the post-growth movement of Germany are examined.

Selected Publications

Reflecting the Post-Development gaze: the degrowth debate in Germany. Third World Quarterly 2017, 1-17. (und dazu den folgenden Link, denn über den können die ersten 50 noch umsonst runterladen:

 "Impossible to Get to Know These Secret Means" - Colonial Anxiety and the Quest for Controlling Reproduction in "German East Africa". In: Stettner, S. et al. (Hg.), Transcending Borders. Abortion in the Past and Present, Cham: Palgrave Macmillan, 2017, 53-67.

Tracing colonial power in German development interventions in Tanzania. Postcolonial Studies 18:4/2016, 53-70.

The colonial present in international development? The case of German interventions in obstetric care in Tanzania. Progress in Development Studies 16:3/2016, 1-15.

With Danielzik C.-M., Kiesel, T. & Kontzi K. Sustaining inequality - The neocolonial politics of development education, North-South volunteering and fair trade in Germany. darkmatter. In the Ruins of Imperial Culture 13, 2016.

With Schultz, S., Bevölkerungspolitik reloaded: Zwischen BMZ und Bayer. PERIPHERIE - Zeitschrift für Politik und Ökonomie in der Dritten Welt Bd. 140, 2015: 447-468.

With Ziai, A., Emanzipation durch Entwicklungspolitik? Einige Überlegungen zu Fragen globaler Ungleichheit. Momentum Quarterly 4:3/2015, 147-204.