Research Network
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Research Network

Work at the Research Centre is based on dialogue; concepts and categories are developed in a process of reciprocal critique. Hypotheses and research questions are discussed and critiqued among peers. All this requires productive exchange within a large network of researchers.

Therefore, the core group of the DFG-funded Research Group 'Post-Growth Societies' - the three directors and the academic staff - is happy to cooperate with guest researchers who enrich and advance the group's work through their expertise and perspectives.

The network comprises the following groups:

Senior and junior fellows who normally work with the Research Group in Jena for several months. They comment on the work of directors and academic staff and contribute their own research to the process. Senior and junior fellows come from a variety of academic contexts and traditions, thus widening the Research Group's scope and perspective.

Support to young and early-career researchers is provided through a number of scholarships. They work with the Research Group, focusing on a specific project that is directly related to the research questions of the core group.

The internal working group consists of researchers from the Institute of Sociology at the Friedrich-Schiller-University Jena whose work overlap with the Research Group's research questions.