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Workshops of the Research Group in September and October

In September and October, the research group organized a series of workshops.

From 20-22 September was the workshop "Democracy in the Growth Crisis: Chances of Democratic Transformation?" The question that arises is whether opportunities for social democratisation may also arie if one meets the 'degrowth by disaster' with 'degrowth by design'.

On the 4th and 5th of October, the workshop 'Post-capitalism' with Paul Mason took place in which his theses from the book of the same name (Suhrkamp 2016) were discussed.

On the evening of 5 October, the workshop 'Great Transformation: from Post-Capitalism to the Neo-Socialist Option?' began with a discussion between Paul Mason and Erik Olin Wright on 'After Capitalism: A Debate'. On 6 October, we continued with the question of whether and, if so, in what form socialist ideas for future social utopias could form the framework.