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book on 'new socialism' opens new book series

The book "Neosozialismus. Solidarität, Demokratie und Ökologie vs. Kapitalismus", edited by Klaus Dörre and Christine Schickert, opens a new book series of the Research Group entitled "Bibliothek der Alternativen" ("Library of Alternatives"). They are published by Oekom, a Munich-based publisher.

In this first volume, contributions by Brigitte Aulenbacher, Ulrich Brand, Hubertus Buchstein, Bob Jessop, Vishwas Satgar, Christine Schickert, Ngai-Ling Sum, Hans-Jürgen Urban, Erik Olin Wright and Raul Zelik critically discuss Klaus Dörre's suggestion to revive and update the idea of 'socialism' as a basis for a vision of a better society.

More about the book can be found on the Oekom-Verlag's website.

Volume 2 of the series entitled "Caring Masculinities? Männlichkeiten in der Transformation kapitalistischer Wachstumsgesellschaften", edited by Sylka Scholz and Andreas Heilmann, will be published in July, volume 3 on extractivism and Left governments in Latin America will be out in the fall.