Conference “Worker movement from the right?” (german)
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Conference “Worker movement from the right?” (german)

Place: Rosensäle, großer Saal
Time: 22.06.2017 06 pm - 24.06.2017 02 pm


2017 began with an event that could stand for a time turn. With Donald Trumps' entry into office, those forces which promote nationalism are also being encouraged in Europe. In many European countries, right-wing populist parties are on the rise. In Great Britain, a campaign headed by the right-wing populist UKIP has won a vote for Brexit. In France, the Front National is planning a referendum on EU resignation. Right-wing populists are already the leading government division in Hungary and Poland. In the election to the Austrian Federal President, the right-wing populist came to over 45 percent of the votes in both polls. Germany too is no longer an exception. With the success of the 2016 parliamentary elections, the right-wing populist "Alternative for Germany" (in german: "Alternative für Deutschland" - AFD) has established itself as a nation-wide force.

How is the high level of acceptance of the ethnic rights of workers - even unionized - workers? Are we dealing with labor movements from the right? Can the right-wing populist revolt be paralyzed in the parliaments, or does it pave the way for authoritarian capitalism? How can the right-wing populism be countered? Do we need a new trade union policy from below?

These questions are to be discussed within the framework of the Jena conference "Arbeiterbewegung von rechts?". The conference is aimed at scientists, students as well as practitioners from civil society, politics, business and trade unions.

The entire program can be found here.

Since the places are limited, we ask you to register until June 2, 2017 to Ilka Scheibe at