Kritische Soziologie meets Critical Realism. A Dialogue between Social Research, Social Theory and Philosophy of Science
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Kritische Soziologie meets Critical Realism. A Dialogue between Social Research, Social Theory and Philosophy of Science

Conference - with: Robin Celikates, Isabella Crespi, Dave Elder-Vass, Elmar Flatschart, Steve Fleetwood, Georg Gangl, Ina Kerner, Heiner Koch, Urs Lindner, Dimitri Mader, Barbara Muraca, Hans Pühretmayer, Hartmut Rosa, Andrew Sayer, Uwe Schimank, Hartwig Schuck, Clive Spash, David Strecker, Frieder Otto Wolf

Place: Rosensäle, großer Saal
Time: 01.02.2013 05 pm - 03.02.2013 01 pm

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Since the 1970s Critical Realism has been developed as a theoretical framework that opens up new directions within the social sciences and social theory. Against the alternatives of positivism and hermeneutics as well as their current ramifications, Critical Realism offers a combination of ontological realism and constructionist epistemology, a non-reductive naturalism that situates the social within the natural realm, a social theory that emphasises the importance of social structures and human agency without neglecting the role of culture, and finally an ethics that is both emancipatory and close to everyday concerns. The goal of the conference is to introduce this primarily Anglo-Saxon approach to German speaking social scientists, set it into communication with local perspectives, and, in doing so, initiate a dialogue between different traditions of critical thinking. 

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Friday, February 1st

17h - 18h

Introduction: Promoting Critical Realism in the German Speaking Academia - Basic Interventions, Developments and the Idea of the Conference

Urs Lindner (Zurich), Dimitri Mader (Jena) and Hans Pühretmayer (Vienna)

18h - 19h30

Dialogue: The Emergence of Social Structures and Agencies

Dave Elder-Vass (Loughborough): Critical Realism and the Causal Power of Social Structures

Uwe Schimank (Bremen): How can Social Structures cause Something?

Saturday, February 2nd

09h30 - 11h

Dialogue: Philosophy of Science and Ecological Economics

Clive Spash (Vienna): New Foundations for Ecological Economics

Barbara Muraca (Jena): Whitehead's Philosophy as a Foundation for Ecological Economics?

11h - 11h30

Coffee Break

11h30 - 13h

Dialogue: Social Ontology, Gender and Intersectionality

Sue Clegg (Leeds): A morphogenetic approach to analysing Intersectionality

Ina Kerner (Berlin): Differences and Power. A Foucauldian Perspective on Intersectionality

13h - 14h30


14h30 - 17h

Individual Presentations

Hartwig Schuck (Berlin): Power and Domination. A Realist View

Heiner Koch (Tübingen): Intentionality and the Social Ontology of Domination

Georg Gangl (Leiden): Critical Realism and Historical Theory

Elmar Flatschart (Vienna): Dialectical Traditions and Critical Realism

David Strecker (Jena): Reflexive Habitus. Making Sense of an Oxymoron

17h - 17h30

Coffee Break

17h30 - 19h

Dialogue: Social Science, Ethics and Critique

Andrew Sayer (Lancaster): Normativity and the Importance of Naturalism

Robin Celikates (Amsterdam): Immanent Critique and the Normative Foundations of Critical Theory

Sunday, February 3rd

9h30 - 11h

Dialogue: Critical Realism, Political Economy and the Current Crisis of Capitalism

Steve Fleetwood (Lancaster): Ontology and the Current Crisis

Frieder Otto Wolf (Berlin): How can Marx's Critique of Political Economy and Critical Realism help us to understand the Present Crisis?

11h - 11h30

Coffee Break

11h30 - 13h

Dialogue: Social Morphogenesis and Acceleration

Hartmut Rosa (Jena): The Speed of Social Change and the Forms of Human Reflexivity. A Three-Stage-Model