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Tagung "Precariousness in European Post-Growth Societies: Labour Market Reform, Precarious Struggles and Transnational Solidarity"

Zeit: 08.12.2016 10:00 - 09.12.2016 17:00

 Since the 2008 financial shock and the subsequent Eurozone crisis, European economic growth has fallen to unprecedented low levels.
In some Southern European countries in particular, "de-growth by disaster" has become a structural feature. However, even in highly developed European economies growth rates are way lower than in the Fordist "Golden Age of Capitalism". This new "Post Growth-Capitalism" goes along with a dramatic change in European labour relations. Over the last decade, unemployment and precariousness have increased considerably. Moreover, austerity measures have led to declining minimum wages and layoffs in the public sector in several European countries. This structural change poses challenges to organized labour: In some countries, the space for collective bargaining is shrinking and trade unions are struggling to organize precarious workers. At the same time, however, new social conflicts are developing, with unemployed or underemployed workers playing a major role as protest actors.
The conference aims at bringing together scholars from different European countries in order to analyse these developments. The conference will focus on the impact of shrinking growth and economic crisis on labour relations and social protest in the EU.

The conference is organized by the Department of Work, Industrial and Economic Sociology of the Friedrich Schiller University Jena in the framework of the Joint Project "TUCRIP - Trade Unions Facing Crisis and Precariousness in the European Union" (DAAD) between the Universities of Jena, Siena (Italy), Coimbra (Portugal) and Valencia (Spain). The event is held in cooperation with the DFG Research Group on Post-Growth Societies and the Thematic Network Patagonia at the Friedrich Schiller University Jena.

For conference participation please register until 01 / 12 / 2016 at the latest:

10.00AM - 10.45AM Opening Lecture  | Chair: Stefan Schmalz Trade Unions and "New Social Movements": Rivals or Allies in Resisting Precarious Work? Richard Hyman (London)

11.00AM - 12.30PMThree Views on Europe's New World of Labour Chair: Johanna Sittel A View From Southern Europe Elísio Estanque (Coimbra) A View From Germany Stefan Schmalz (Jena) A View From Eastern Europe Aurora Trif (Dublin)
1.30PM - 3.00PM Trade Unions Facing Crisis and Precariousness (I) Chair: Carmen Ludwig Greece: A Never-Ending Crisis? Maria Markantonatou (Lesvos) Collective Bargaining in Spain Adoración Guaman / Raúl Lorente (Valencia) Precariousness in Cyprus Gregoris Ioannou (Nicosia)

3.30PM - 4.30PM Trade Unions Facing Crisis and Precariousness (II) Chair: Sarah Hinz The Case of Italy Giulia Frosecchi / Giovanni Orlandini / Marco Tufo (Siena) Poland: Stability in Crisis? Adam Mrozowicki (Wroclaw)

6.00PM - 8.00PMEvening Lecture Attention! different venue: Astoria Hörsaal (Unterm Markt 8, Jena) The Precariat: The Dangerous Class in Rentier Capitalism Guy Standing (London) The Precariat: A Class in the Making? Klaus Dörre (Jena)

9.00AM - 10.30AM
Social Struggles in Europe  | Chair: Steffen Liebig Germany: New Strikes in the Service Sector Karina Becker / Yalcin Kutlu (Jena) Portugal: After the 2012 Protests Dora Fonseca (Coimbra) France: Nuit Debout and Labour Karel Yon (Lille)

11.00AM - 12.30AM Social Struggles: North and South  | Chair: Brandon Sommer Labour Struggles in Eastern Europe Joachim Becker (Vienna) A View Beyond Europe: The Arab Spring Revisited Jörg Gertel (Leipzig) Experiences from Argentina Paula Varela (Buenos Aires)
1.30PM - 3.00PM Facing Transnational Companies  | Chair: Anne Tittor Co-Management and Locational Competition in the Car Industry Stefanie Hürtgen (Frankfurt / Salzburg) Amazon: Transnational Companies, National Labour Conflict? Rafael Moll (Valencia) / Johannes Schulten (Berlin) / Johanna Sittel (Jena) European Trade Unions: Spaces of Action Martin Seeliger (Cologne / Jena)

3.30PM - 5.00PM Transnational Solidarity in the EU  | Chair: Florian Butollo The Challenge of Transnational Solidarity Andreas Bieler (Nottingham) Solidarity in Europe: The Perspective of Ver.di Martin Beckmann (Ver.di, Berlin)